Daystar Peterson, the rapper and crooner better known as Tory Lanez, has been on the rise all year long, coming off the success of his mixtape “Lost Cause” and a sold-out tour. Originally from a Toronto suburb, Lanez began rapping when he was 9; after moving to Atlanta, he earned the nickname “Lanes” because of his reckless behavior in traffic, then adopted “Tory” from Notorious B.I.G., a major inspiration. To jump-start his music career, Lanez challenged Drake, a fellow Canadian, to watch a video he posted on YouTube — and offered the hip-hop star $10,000 if he didn’t like it. (Drake reached out and told him to keep the money.) Mainstream attention came with the 2013 mixtape “Conflicts of My Soul: The 416 Story,” followed in 2014 with “Lost Cause,” which has notched more than 100,000 downloads. In addition, Lanez has been featured on songs with YG and Meek Mill — and reportedly ghost-wrote verses for a handful of other stars. The name of his current road trek, the “Swavenation” tour, refers to “Swavey,” the term Lanez coined for mix of various styles in a given song. As he makes his way to Cambridge for a show on Tuesday, we asked him what other artists meet his definition of Swavey.

Drake "This guy right here is just a versatile artist. He refuses to be stuck in a box. As a fan, you wanna listen to everything he puts out, that's what Swavey is all about."

Oneumbrella "This is my crew and — I want you to write this down — we make that hard Swavey music. We are leading a wave of transformation and change. We're coming, and we're about to do some crazy things."

Rory Truestory "He's on another level. I'm blessed to have him be a part of Oneumbrella. Keep on the lookout for this guy, cause he's got some things to say and he's about to blow. He is the definition of a Swavey artist, and I love working with him."


Lil Wayne "Weezy is a rapper who refuses to stick to one lane. He dabbled in rock, pop, and he raps. He's very multitalented. There's a reason why he's a legend."

Nicki Minaj "She's the queen. She's everything the Swavey movement is about. Minaj stays consistent, and always branches out to do the unexpected, whether people like it or not."

Mackenzie Cummings-Grady

Tory Lanez performs at the Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, on Tuesday at 7 p.m. Tickets: $20, advance $18. 617-864-3278, www.mideastclub.com

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