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Fuzz guitarist Charles Moothart on five key projects

Fuzz, a garage-rock-tinged metal band, has been around for about four years, but guitarist Charles Moothart (left) has been playing since high school with Ty Segall (right), a high-profile bandmate whose solo work is characterized by distorted vocals, psychedelic guitar riffs, and a sound melding garage, glam, and surf rock. "We all love different types of music, from Motorhead to Brian Eno to Muddy Waters, but we are meant to be a pretty high-energy rock 'n' roll band," Moothart says by telephone from his Los Angeles home. Alongside Moothart and bassist Chad Ubovich (center), Segall sings and plays drums. "Ty is an amazing drummer," Moothart says. "When I met him, he was a drummer in a band, and he had said he'd wanted to play the drums again." Asked whether he might work again with fellow traveler Mikal Cronin, he offers, "We all do our thing — we are all pretty focused on what's in front of us right now. We will all always make music together, but we are all focused on the projects we are doing." With Fuzz headed for a show at the Sinclair on Monday, we asked Moothart to describe five key projects he's been involved with.

Culture Kids: I played for a while in an '80s hard-core band, Culture Kids.


Charlie & The Moonhearts: I played drums in Moonhearts, which was kind of like garage-punk. I started that when I was 16; we stopped playing a few years ago. It was me and Mikal Cronin . . . we played up until I was 23 or something. We did a couple tours with Ty [Segall] before we joined the band; it was just part of the collective.

Ty Segall Band: I played in Ty's band for five years — it was just that we'd all been doing it for a while, so it was time to switch things up. It was amazing; I love everyone in that group.


Fuzz: I know there are garage elements to what we do, but we definitely don't identify as a garage band. It's different than Ty's music; this is a band where we write together, we constantly try to keep things different. The band started because one day I was home and bored, and was sitting there wondering if I could record a song or just a couple riffs that sound like Black Sabbath. So I tried it, and it was really fun. I recorded it and brought it to Ty and I said, I've got these ideas, I don't know how you feel about them. He thought they were rad, so we played them together. We were going at something with a specific direction.

TOAD: There is a band called TOAD — me, Ty, and Mikal Cronin — that is some ridiculous punk [expletive] I can't even explain. We definitely consider ourselves lucky. It's been really fun. I don't know how it all happened.

Fuzz plays with WALTER and Zip-Tie Handcuffs at the Sinclair in Cambridge on Monday at 8 p.m. Tickets $20, advance $17. 617-547-5200,

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