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Kingsley Flood, ‘The Good Fight’

Kingsley Flood is having the kind of year that, for its fans, must feel like one long tease. With “The Good Fight,” the Boston-based band has now released three EPs in 2015 with a full-length album looming next year. But here’s the surprise: Each EP has pushed the group into new sonic territory, each reaching beyond Kingsley’s early Americana leanings while showcasing frontman Naseem Khuri’s expanding songwriting palette. For a four-song EP, “The Good Fight” packs a punch. Khuri, who lives in Washington, D.C., sounds especially attuned to worldly concerns here, from the cultural shifts he addresses on “Good Old Wind” to the need to shake off apathy in the face of the horrific tragedies all around us. “I’d fight the good fight if I could,” he sings on the title track. He wonders why we don’t chase our dreams on “Change You,” but then casts a skeptical eye on his own priorities on “On My Mind.” This EP bodes well for Kingsley in the new year.


ESSENTIAL “Good Old Wind”

Kingsley Flood will perform at the Sinclair in Cambridge on Friday.