Album review: Sunn O))), ‘Kannon’

Selling Sunn O))) to the uninitiated can be a little tough — glacially paced, gut-rumbling drones, with vocals that clawed their way out of your most terrifying nightmares, are not what the typical listener is looking for when it’s time to put a record on the turntable. But for those that are willing to step beyond the realms of contemporary form and traditional concepts of music, Sunn O))) is a sure bet. Over the course of 17 years and seven albums, Sunn O))) has become one of the avant-garde’s most esteemed acts, bridging the worlds of metal and experimental music while amassing a cult following like few others. On its latest album, the group takes sonic cues from “Soused,” its critically lauded 2014 collaboration with avant-pop singer Scott Walker, to create its most intimate, corporeal album yet. Where prior efforts felt expansive and cavernous, “Kannon” pulls listeners in close — the better to let each chord and feedback squeal rattle neurons at a near-molecular level. A singular listening experience, “Kannon” is best consumed at extreme volume and with an open mind.


Essential “Kannon 3”