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City and Colour’s Green reveals Five Key Influences


While Dallas Green came to widespread attention as the lead singer of post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, it’s City and Colour, originally an acoustic side project, that has cemented his renown. After Alexisonfire released its sophomore LP, “Watch Out!” in 2004, Green ended the year with his first City and Colour EP, “The Death of Me,” released to positive response. Alexisonfire has since disbanded, and City and Colour has notched a Juno award, a platinum record, and a collaborative album with Pink. “If I Should Go Before You,” the newly released follow-up to 2013’s incredibly successful “The Hurry and the Harm,” is the first City and Colour record to feature a full group. “My band and I just developed such a strong trust on our last tour,” said Green. “This record is definitely meant to focus on the band more than on me.” The shift is evident on the nine-minute album opener, “Woman,” which is mostly instrumental. “When we first recorded that song it was about a half hour, no joke,” admitted Green. Speaking in advance of his House of Blues show on Saturday, Green talked about five key influences on his ever-changing sound.

Alice in Chains


“I grew up almost right at the height of the grunge exposure. To me, Alice in Chains was the first band that was heavy and dark and brooding, but with amazing vocals. They were that band that was great at showcasing such heavy emotion.”

Jeff Buckley

“When I turned 15, I listened to Jeff Buckley, and I immediately fell in love with him. While Alice in Chains made me want to pick up guitar, Buckley made me want to be a singer. He had such a voice.”

Sade Adu

“Love Deluxe” remains one of my favorite albums of all time — I take a lot of my sound from her, especially on the new album. The album to me was the definition of ’80s R&B. She just puts you into this hypnotic groove. You can’t not enjoy moving to her music.


Neil Young

“I believe when you’re growing up that everyone has a moment at some show that will sit with them forever. To me, Neil Young gave me so many great moments during his performance. That was my first real concert I went to, if you can believe it.”


“I save them for last because they were definitely the band that inspired me to go into hardcore music with Alexisonfire. I saw the video for ‘Phaser’ and it opened my eyes in ways I can’t even describe. Going to see them live was the moment when I got serious about pursuing a career in music. Watching them rock out and how they moved people, it just hit me like, ‘[expletive], I want this more than anything.’ I’m actually good friends with the lead singer now — which to this day is the most surreal thing ever.”

City and Colour performs at House of Blues on Saturday at 6 p.m. Tickets $35-$45. 800-653-8000, www.ticketmaster.com


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