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Album review: Holly & Ken, ‘The Record’

Attempting to follow in the footsteps of Willie Nelson’s 1975 song cycle “Red Headed Stranger” is no small ambition, but that’s what singer-songwriter Holly Muñoz and power-pop titan Ken Stringfellow have done with this country opera. They even finish where “Red Headed Stranger” began, with a resonating take on “Time of the Preacher,” Nelson’s opener. “The Record” reintroduces two down-and-out lovers who first appeared in a song on Stringfellow’s last solo album (“Doesn’t It Remind You of Something,” reprised here in very different form), sketching trials and tribulations that revolve around a betrayal, and glancing off of larger issues in the course of that exploration. The story is carried along by the gorgeous back-and-forth dueting of Stringfellow and Munoz and the intermittent appearance of Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws as, it seems, a cosmic narrator of sorts. Add instrumental interludes and lyrical recurrences, a spooky version of “Edelweiss,” desert noir and space twang, and it makes for a fascinating left-field listen.



ESSENTIAL “Ballad of the Record”

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