Guerilla Toss pushes boundaries on new album, ‘Eraser Stargazer’

According to the Census Bureau, more people are moving out of Massachusetts than moving in. And while that might be easy to overlook, sometimes those losses feel like they disproportionately affect our creative community. Case in point: “Eraser Stargazer,” the new album from former Bostonians/current New Yorkers Guerilla Toss. “Eraser Stargazer” is a confrontational dadaist dance album filled with anarcho-art anthems that push the boundaries of what melody and songcraft can be. The group bends tones and twists riffs into bizarre, noggin-melting songs that take more brainpower to parse than your average doctoral dissertation. From the Boredoms-meet-Super Mario Brothers groove of “Grass Shack” to the tribal post-punk jam “Perfume,” Guerilla Toss makes dance-pop for an alternate universe where Yoko Ono never had to deal with the Beatles slowing down her career. “Eraser Stargazer” is exactly the sort of album that pushes a local scene to be greater. But Guerilla Toss isn’t local anymore. SEAN L. MALONEY

ESSENTIAL “Dollface on the Calico Highway”


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