Album review: The Wild Feathers, ‘Lonely Is a Lifetime’

The Wild Feathers’ 2013 self-titled debut was an unapologetic blast of rootsy, ’70s-vintage rock ’n’ roll that invited listeners to a game of spot the influence. Three years later, the band has consciously attempted to expand its sound, and wastes little time in doing so on this new one. Lead-off track “Overnight” is unalloyed, pounding modern rock, followed by the stacked guitars and pulsing effects of the ’80s-redolent “Sleeper” and by “Goodbye Song,” which manages the feat of grafting overt Pink Floyd guitar sounds with country-rock pedal steel. Five songs in, though, with “Happy Again,” the Feathers revert to what got them noticed in the first place: various slices, sometimes countrified, sometimes not, of classic hook-filled American rock, centered on the band’s signature vocal interplay and harmonizing. If their overall effect is less exhilarating this time, the songs still sound less like grab bags, and more like a band moving toward its own sound.STUART MUNRO


The Wild Feathers perform at Brighton Music Hall April 29.

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