Album review: Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones, ‘Little Windows’

Since the beginning of his recording career, Teddy Thompson has shown an ability to take old sounds and turn them into something redolent, yet distinctly his own. That hasn’t changed on his latest release, a singing and songwriting collaboration with West Coast pop singer Kelly Jones. The set took form on a catch-as-catch-can basis over the past few years, but exudes a captivating coherence anchored in the pair’s dueting. Except for a couple of instances, Thompson and Jones sing in unison throughout. Their singing, and the songs as well, have a deceptive simplicity. There’s a bit of Everlys here (“Never Knew You Loved Me Too”), some Buddy Holly popabilly there (“Wondering”), on occasion a hint of country (“You Can’t Call Me Baby”), and a touch of heartbreak soul (“Better at Lying”). Whatever the particular style, “Little Windows” is a series of sparkling pop gems; clocking in at just under 26 minutes, the only thing the record leaves you wanting is more of it.



ESSENTIAL “Better at Lying“

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