Album review: Weezer’s ‘Weezer’

Weezer’s fourth “Weezer” begins with a call to head to California when all else seems lost, and ends with the line “I just want the summer to end.” Once again, frontman Rivers Cuomo never met a good time he couldn’t feel deeply ambivalent about. On the surface, the album is as breezy as its overarching sun-and-surf theme would suggest; three songs have “girl” in the title (“Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori” misses on a technicality) and the triumphant “Wind in Our Sail” and “King of the World” spring from feelings of Zen indestructibility. But there are signs aplenty that the beach-party lifestyle won’t cure what ails Cuomo: meth-snorting slacker babes, airplane disasters, and so on. The music ranges from Beach Boys baroque-pop to the awkward hip-hop flow of “Thank God for Girls” when not reiterating rote (if pleasant) Weezer crunch-pop anthems. By the time the simple campfire acoustic of “Endless Bummer” smoothly, imperceptibly blossoms into arena rock, “Weezer” has proved that rare bird: an interesting dud.MARC HIRSH

ESSENTIAL “Endless Bummer“

Weezer performs at the Xfinity Center July 1.

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