Album review: Katy B, ‘Honey’

British vocalist Katy B shakes off the pop leanings of 2014’s “Little Red” and heads straight back to the clubs for her third record. With nearly 20 production collaborators, the record has plenty of invention — and way too many cooks in the kitchen. The busy, unfocused record opens with the singer white-hot with desire on “Honey,” featuring producer Kaytranada’s clever update of Jazzie B’s liquid soul. Sensuality is an anomaly, though, as intimacy quickly gives way to a full clip of booming drum ’n’ bass, straight-up house, and quasi grime. Katy sounds least invested when she goes pop on the Diplo-produced “Who Am I?” Better are the bass-heavy thunder of “Lose Your Head,” and “Turn the Music Louder (Rumble),” the kind of exhilarating dance-floor track Madonna has been desperately searching for. The contrasts of producers Four Tet and Floating Points offer Katy a chance to explore a subtler jazz-influenced approach on the inspired “Calm Down.” And ultimately, the album’s inconsistency won’t matter much when the club walls rattle.




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