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Album review: Mudcrutch, ‘2’

Overlook the legend of the original LP, that “Mudcrutch” was a great lost album from the zenith of Southern Rock’s creative and commercial success. Ignore the fact that Mudcrutch, the band, was the launching pad for one of the late-20th century’s most beloved rock-stylists, Tom Petty. You’ll be shocked to find, beyond the hype and the PR spin, that Mudcrutch is a great rock ’n roll band, plain and simple. Light on nostalgia, heavy on optimism, and packed full of classic rock goodness, “2” finds the group — dormant from 1975 to 2008 — sounding as vital as a band a third its age. Mudcrutch approaches its songs with the starry-eyed gaze of a country hippy unsheathing side two of “Eat A Peach,” tearing into each cut with the wide-grinned excitement of a garage band finding its own groove for the first time. The new album is as fiery and romantic as a youthful tryst, a rock ’n’ roll experience unsullied by the inevitable passage of time and unspoiled by the burden of experience.SEAN A. MALONEY

Essential “Beautiful Blue”


Mudcrutch plays the House of Blues on June 15.

Sean L. Maloney can be reached at s.l.maloney@gmail.com.