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Adele flubs at the Grammys, but starts over and tries again

For the second year in a row at the Grammys, Adele flubbed. This year, though, she stopped the show and started over.

You may remember that at the Grammys in 2016, the year of her big comeback, Adele was plagued by sound issues. The British megastar performed “All I Ask” that was, most generously, “pitchy.”

At the Grammys tonight, during a tribute to the late George Michael, Adele stopped the song when it seemed like it was going the same way.

”I’m sorry, I can’t mess this up for him,” she said after swearing and telling everyone to stop.


She began a slow rendition of Michael’s “Fastlove” again while photos and videos of Michael, who passed away on Christmas Day last year, played behind her.

Adele finished the song and received a standing ovation, but still looked very vexxed after the song concluded.

After the incident in 2016, Adele tweeted that she treated herself to In-N-Out Burger. Maybe she’ll be having cheeseburgers again soon.

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