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Childish Gambino dropped a new music video with tons of cartoon cameos, and it’s sparking a lot of conversation

He’s done it again.

Childish Gambino dropped a music video for his song “Feels Like Summer” less than 24 hours ago, and it’s already garnered nearly 4 million views on YouTube, claimed the top spot of the site’s trending list, and elicited a range of reaction from fans online.

Donald Glover, the actor/musician behind Childish Gambino, gained notoriety in May after debuting his music video for “This Is America” on “Saturday Night Live.” Globe film critic Ty Burr wrote shortly after that the video was an “incendiary historio-cultural mind-messing that appears built to function as a closed conversation for black America and an open classroom for anyone else.”


Glover’s new video, whose characters were designed by visual artist Justin Richburg, features cameos from several rappers and musicians, including Beyonce, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Will Smith, and Jay-Z, among others.

The video makes several cultural references to those in the know, including poking fun at Nicki Minaj’s feud with Travis Scott.

One notable frame shows a crying Kanye West clad in a “Make America Great Again” hat being hugged by Michelle Obama. The rapper recently apologized to “people who felt let down” by his saying that slavery was a “choice,” and for wearing the Donald Trump campaign hat. (In April, West also went on a tweetstorm that appeared to support Trump, calling the president “my brother.” Trump retweeted the post, thanking the rapper and declaring it “very cool.”)

Some took to Twitter to comment on the video, including Kehlani, who claimed that a character that looked like her was not actually her portrayal because the cartoon figure lacked tattoos.

Others dissected the cameos, particularly the Kanye West/Michelle Obama moment.


Glover is also known for his acting career, both on TV and on the big screen. He was in the ensemble of TV’s “Community” for six seasons, helped script “30 Rock,” cameo’d in a few episodes of “Girls,” and created “Atlanta.” He’s also had roles in major films, including “The Martian,” “Magic Mike XXL,” and, more recently, played the young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo “Star Wars” spinoff.

Ty Burr of the Globe staff contributed to this report.