Latest Headlines in Dance


Please dance ‘Swan Lake’ in your bathtub

Boston Ballet's Viktorina Kapitonova is one of 27 elite dancers worldwide who filmed themselves dancing Swan Lake in their bathtubs for this unusual short BBC Arts film


Are you ready to dance again?

Cambridge's Dance Complex and other studios open their doors for classes again, as part of Phase 3 reopening plans in Massachusetts

Choreographer Helen Pickett creates a trio of new pieces for furloughed Boston Ballet dancers

Pickett was to have been featured in Boston Ballet's now officially canceled 'Carmen' program. Her new "Home Studies" series can be seen on Boston Ballet's site.

Helen Pickett's "Home Studies" Solo

Choreographer Helen Pickett created three new dances for her project "Home Studies" for furloughed Boston Ballet dancers. My’Kal Stromile performs this solo.


A quartet of BSO musicians and Boston Ballet dancers create ‘White Swan’

With the desire to perform, and time on their hands, artists from different realms collaborate on a new performance video.


Urbanity Dance is projecting pop-up dance videos, powered by car battery, onto Boston buildings

Urbanity Dance turned what was to have been their season finale performance into a multimedia piece they're projecting onto Boston buildings, using power from a car battery.


Boston Ballet announces dancer promotions for the 2020-2021 season

The company gave the good news to seven of its most promising dancers.


Roll up the rug for a surprising array of dance classes, all taught online

Though their studios are closed, Boston’s teachers are ready to instruct you in ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, line dancing, tap, and more.