Could Bernie Sanders, Larry David be dueling Bernies on ‘SNL’?

John Minchillo/AP (left); Joan Marcus

The rumors are swirling, CNN is reporting it, and NBC isn’t denying: Sanders and David will appear together on “Saturday Night Live” this week.

James Foley, the first American murdered by ISIS, in a scene from the HBO documentary “Jim.”

Television Review

HBO’s ‘Jim’ shows us James Foley, the man

Foley, a journalist who was drawn to the world's war zones, was the first American to be murdered by ISIS.


// Anita Hill saga ‘Confirmation’ to debut April 16

The HBO film focuses on the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas.

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// ‘O.J.’ and ‘Madoff’: Ripped from the headlines

Two giant court cases find their ways to TV, complete with stunt-casting and fetishized objects.

Television review

// Glasses half-empty in C.K.’s barroom drama 'Horace and Pete’

The show is definitely not a comedy, even by the new standards that Louis C.K. has helped to create.


// Fox delivers a slickly staged, visually appealing ‘Grease’

The show wasn’t perfect, but it was great fun with touches of film nostalgia and musical theater earnestness.

// Why are live TV musicals taking off?

This small wave is actually a canny attempt to solve a very big problem.

// Hough, Hudgens head to Rydell High for ‘Grease: Live’

With a new cast and creative team, Fox is staging the musical “Grease” on live television Sunday night.

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// Rajesh Bose

The “Disgraced” actor’s favorite shows include “Slings and Arrows” and “Last Week Tonight With Jon Oliver.”

Jenna Fischer (left) and Megan Mullally in “You, Me and the Apocalypse.”

Television Review

NBC’s ‘Apocalypse’ goes to the end of Earth for laughs

In “You, Me and the Apocalypse,” the many plotlines and characters are united by the fact that a comet is racing toward Earth.

Television Review

// ‘The Mine Wars’ looks at labor strife a century ago

The “American Experience” presentation has a remarkable story to tell, one that’s far less well known than it ought to be.

Matthew Gilbert

// Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson: Colorblind, or just plain tone-deaf?

In 2016, a white actor is going to play a black superstar, arguably the world’s most famous black entertainer?

Television Review

Paranoia strikes a dreary note in ‘X-Files’

If there was a creative reason to bring the show back, and not merely a financial one, I couldn’t find it anywhere in the premiere.

The five ‘X-Files’ episodes you’ll want to watch

If you’re new to the series or just want to brush up before it returns Sunday night, here’s your way in.

Television Review

‘London Spy’ is psychologically mesmerizing

BBC America’s five-part miniseries is both a rich love story and, as the dull title indicated, a spy drama, with both genres tightly bound up together.

Seth Meyers ‘Boston Accents’ parody is silly fun

On his show Thursday night, Meyers poked fun at local accents and everyone’s obsession with them.

Buzzsaw | matthew gilbert

// Does ‘Recovery Road’ make rehab look cool?

A look at whether a scripted show is obligated to deliver the darkest truths.

Television Review

‘Mad Dogs’ and Americans

Five longtime friends reunite in Belize after many years, and things go terribly wrong.

Television Review

// In Zach Galifianakis’s ‘Baskets,’ the tears of a clown

There is often as much sorrow and seriousness as there is humor in this new FX series.


Snobs may disagree, but the classics are in good hands

For decades, Andrew Davies has mastered the art of transforming great novels into smart dramas for television.

Television review

Realism a casualty in ‘Mercy Street’

The six-part miniseries about a makeshift hospital during the Civil War is weighed down by clichés and one-dimensional characters.

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// Critic’s Corner: What’s on TV this weekend

“Manson’s Lost Girls” tells the story of Linda Kasabian and the other women who were members of Charles Manson’s cult.