Television review

Now stars, ‘Wet Hot’ cast members return to camp

Saeed Adyani for Netflix

In a bizarre, brilliant twist, the actors are all now 14 years older than when they made the film, but they are still playing 16- and 17-year-olds.

TV Review

// ‘I Am Cait’ a compelling slice of TV

The show, which premiered Sunday, documents the day-to-day unreal reality of Caitlyn Jenner, fresh from her public debut as herself.

// Just how hard is it to make it onto ‘Jeopardy’?

Globe reporter Mark Shanahan accepted the challenge, and quickly found that he was in over his head.

Game On

Video game ‘Odallus: The Dark Call’ is a retro pleasure to play

“Odallus: The Dark Call,” a new retro-style 2D sidescrolling action/adventure video game developed by JoyMasher, may be a bit derivative, but it has a feel all its own.

TV Confessions: Pooch Hall

Pooch Hall of “Ray Donovan” lists his TV favorites.

Ian Ziering in “Sharknado 3.”

‘Sharknado 3’ entertains Twitter

The Internet ate up “Sharknado 3.”

// ‘Breaking Bad’ actor runs for Albuquerque seat

Steven Michael Quezada, who played Steven Gomez in the series, said he is jumping in a heated race for county commissioner.


Jane Anderson brings lost art to light in HBO documentary

Emmy-winning writer and director Jane Anderson explored the life of her great-aunt, Edith Lake Wilkinson, an artist deeply influenced by Provincetown.

Television Review

// Leary plays that old-timer rock ’n’ roll in new FX comedy

In his middling new FX comedy, Denis Leary is less of a cultural rebel and more of a putz.

Confessions of an ‘X-Files’ binger: The truth is, I’m a little out there

In 2008, I binged all 201 episodes of “the X-Files” in about 60 days, scrawling my observations about each into notebooks.

Jeffrey Tambor (right) as Maura, and Amy Landecker as Sarah in Amazon’s

Beth Dubber/Amazon Studios via AP

Matthew Gilbert | Critic’s Notebook

The Emmys get it right — and wrong

This year’s Emmy field: a mix of pleasant surprises and woefully misguided choices.

Buzzsaw | Matthew Gilbert

‘Catastrophe’ charms by keeping it real

The Amazon streaming series is a really likable romantic comedy that takes a lot of familiar material and smartens it up, gives it intimacy.

TV confessions: Marty Walsh wants to be Jack Bauer

The TV favorites of Boston’s mayor also include “Seinfeld,” which he watches almost every night.

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// The best of upcoming arts events

Critics suggest where you should go, what you should see, who you should hear, and what you should be reading this summer.

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