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Summer Arts Preview

summer arts preview

// What to see and do this summer

From dance to music, TV to art, there’s a lot going on in Boston and beyond.

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TV Critic’s Corner

10 more things I’d rather do than watch ‘Big Brother’

1. Let Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” give me a makeover, including manscaping.

Donald Trump walked on stage to introduce his wife Melania on the first day of the Republican National Convention.

critic’s notebook

Trump hasn’t delivered in his prime-time moment

If “The Donald Trump Show,” a.k.a. the Republican National Convention, was a television program, it might already have been canceled.

Garry Marshall at an event in April. Marshall, who influenced numerous hit TV shows and movies, died Tuesday. He was 81.

Garry Marshall, 81; acclaimed television and film figure

Mr. Marshall created “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley,” and also directed “Pretty Woman.”

Mr. Marshall (right) produced “Happy Days” with Ed Milkis (left) and Tom Miller.

Garry Marshall, acclaimed television and film figure, dies at 81

Marshall created “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley,” and also directed “Pretty Woman.”

The “Star Trek” cast, circa 1968: (front, from left) DeForest Kelley, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy; (back, from left) James Doohan, Walter Koenig, Majel Barrett, Nichelle Nichols, and George Takei.

‘Star Trek’ boldly went where no show had gone before

To “Star Trek,” and its fans, may you live long and prosper, for another 50 years.

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Five breakthroughs ‘Star Trek’ brought to Planet Earth

Five prescient things that Star Trek, the TV show, introduced.

Walton Goggins (left) and Danny McBride in “Vice Principals.”

TV Critic’s Corner

Walton Goggins: from the police force to the schoolyard

On “Vice Principals,” the actor brings his ability to play sadism into his comedic stylings.

Monday’s episode of the “Late Show” was a reunion for Jon Stewart (right) and “Stephen Colbert.”


Stephen Colbert welcomes Jon Stewart — and ‘Stephen Colbert’

It was a “Late Show” reunion for the former Comedy Central duo, doing what they do best: politics.

Roger Ailes, left, and Megyn Kelly.

Fox News chief Roger Ailes denies harassing Megyn Kelly

A lawyer for Roger Ailes denied that the Fox News Channel chief executive sexually harassed network star Megyn Kelly.

Netflix will revisit the cases of Steven Avery (left) and Brendan Dassey when “Making a Murderer” returns.

New episodes of ‘Making a Murderer’ in the works

Netflix will continue the story of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, though it hasn’t said when the new episodes will premiere.

Riz Ahmed in HBO’s “The Night Of.”

Television Review

HBO’s ‘The Night Of’ may be the year’s best drama

The new show — about a young Pakistani-American accused of murder — is like the darkest, most elaborate episode of “Law & Order.”

Michelle Obama and James Corden dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

Michelle Obama and James Corden do Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ teaser

The first lady will be a guest on the “Late Late Show” segment on Wednesday.

Donald Trump appeared onstage to introduce his wife Melania at the Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump’s splashy RNC entrance raises eyebrows

The candidate’s arrival to the stage Monday drew comparisons to Wrestlemania. He walked in to the Queen song “We Are the Champions.”

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Winona Ryder in “Stranger Things.”

TV Critic’s Corner

‘Stranger Things,’ Stephen King, and Steven Spielberg

The Netflix series bounces among a “Stand By Me” type kids story, a monster horror flick, and a paranoid thriller.

Jake Weary in TNT’s “Animal Kingdom.”

TV Critic’s corner

OK, I’m hooked on Barkin, ‘Animal Kingdom’

Ellen Barkin is excellent as Smurf, the creepy matriarch of a Southern California crime family.

TV and radio highlights

What’s on the air Tuesday.

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

What’s on the air Monday.

Jon Stewart is scheduled to join friend and former colleague Stephen Colbert on Monday.

Where to watch all the Republican convention coverage, including Jon Stewart

The 2016 convention will probably not be conventional. Here’s how you can see all the coverage.

The “Property Brothers,” a.k.a Jonathan and Drew Scott.

Millennials love home makeover shows, even though they don’t own homes

HGTV, home to crafty designers and savvy house flippers, is increasingly the destination of young audiences.

Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner in Hulu’s “Difficult People.”


How ‘Seinfeld’ made ‘Difficult People’ as good and nasty as it is

The shows are solid bookends of the comedy of narcissism, antagonism, vitriol, and unrelenting pettiness.

Ellen Barkin in TNT’s “Animal KIngdom.”

The Ticket: Television

I highly recommend giving HBO’s limited series “The Night Of” a try.

Joanna Lumley as Patsy and Jennifer Saunders as Edina in “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.”

Movie Review

Haute mess: Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley talk ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie’

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley talk “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.”

Anson Mount in AMC’s “Hell on Wheels.”

TV Critic’s Corner

‘Hell on Wheels’ arrives to its conclusion

Next Saturday, “Hell on Wheels” ends after five seasons.

Dancers on Boston Common for the opening of the Outside the Box festival.


The Weekender: ‘Ghostbusters,’ McCartney, and back-flipping chefs

Everything fun to do this weekend in Boston and beyond.

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell received Emmy nominations for best actor and best actress, and their FX series, “The Americans,” was nominated for best drama.


Emmy voters got a lot right, and a few things wrong

Most especially, “The Americans” has finally come in from the cold.

Anthony Anderson and Lauren Graham presented the 68th Emmy Awards nominations announcement.

Watch Anthony Anderson freak out when he learns he is nominated for an Emmy

Would you have been any different?

Danny McBride (left) and Walton Goggins in HBO’s “Vice Principals.”

television review

In HBO’s ‘Vice Principals,’ losers get no love

The new HBO comedy by Danny McBride entertains without taxing the brain.

Lena Headey in a scene from “Game of Thrones.”

‘Game of Thrones’ dominates Emmy nominations with 23 nods

The HBO hit gets the chance to win its second top Emmy, while “Veep,” last year’s top comedy winner, also will get another shot at holding office.

Judith Light (left) and Jeffrey Tambor in a scene from,

Who was nominated for an Emmy?

A partial list of the Emmy nominations.

Aziz Ansari stars in “Master of None.”

TV Critic’s Corner

Emmy nods that could — and should — happen

Emmy nominations will be announced today at 11:30 a.m. Here’s who critic Matthew Gilbert hopes is on the list.

Above: Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel of “Big Brother 18.’’


12 things I’d rather do than watch ‘Big Brother’

2. Cook a complicated meal with Gordon Ramsay without taking anti-depressants beforehand.

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

Noah Schnapp stars as a boy who goes missing in Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

Television Review

Remember the ’80s? Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ does.

The Netflix series “Stranger Things” borrows from the sci-fi films of Steven Spielberg and the stories of Stephen King.

Rami Malek as Eliot Alderson in “Mr. Robot.”

‘Mr. Robot’ returns — and so does hacktivism

“Mr. Robot,” which returns for its second season, centers on the anxiety-ridden Elliot Alderson and his transformation from cybersecurity worker to politically driven hacker.

Gay Talese, pictured in New York in February.

TV Critic’s Corner

We like to watch Gay Talese answer questions

On Thursday, Seth Meyers is welcoming the controversial author of the controversial book “The Voyeur’s Motel.”

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

What’s on the air Thursday.

Daily guide of TV and radio highlights

What’s on the air Wednesday.

Mr. McMartin and Angela Lansbury toasted the opening performance of “A Little Family Business” in New York.

John McMartin, 86, versatile and prolific actor of stage, screen

Mr. McMartin, who starred in the Stephen Sondheim musical “Follies,’’ was one of the most recognizable actors on Broadway and television.

Riz Ahmed in “The Night Of.”

TV Critic’s Corner

‘The Night Of’ raises the bar for procedurals

“The Night Of” is a great reminder of what the procedural genre can accomplish when done with care.