On Demand movie highlights


(Encore on Comcast) Chris Farley and Matthew Perry pair up as Bartholomew Hunt and Leslie Edwards, trackers in 1804 racing Lewis and Clark across the Western frontier. Director Christopher Guest can’t come close to his very funny “Waiting for Guffman” with this comic trifle, but he balances Farley’s over-the-top physical comedy with Perry’s more restrained style in this sweet but forgettable film, Farley’s last. (PG-13; runs through June 14) Cate McQuaid


(Encore on Comcast) This frontline dispatch from troubled Belfast by the “In the Name of the Father” team amasses a considerable weight of agonized urgency. Daniel Day-Lewis and Emily Watson fill the screen with suppressed sizzle. He’s a boxer trying to restart his life after serving 14 years for IRA activities, and she’s the old flame he can’t go near because she’s married to a man now inside. Brian Cox adds to the film’s impact as an IRA chieftain trying to preserve his reputation for toughness while walking a delicate line toward a peace settlement. (R; runs through May 31)


(Comcast Movies: Free Movies) Cate Blanchett is extraordinary as Elizabeth I, from her first tentative moves into a treachery-filled court to her final reinvention of herself as the Virgin Queen. Geoffrey Rush, as Walsingham, the first modern spy, who enjoys his lethal work in a sinister way, leads a strong supporting cast. And the film is boldly executed by Indian director Shekhar Kapur, with plenty of contemporary resonance in its theme of female self-empowerment. (R; runs through
July 19)