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    (Comcast Free Movies) Regarding Paul Walker and Jessica Alba: How do you get a decent performance from a wood plank and a helium balloon? Amazingly, John Stockwell knows: Just add water. Somebody at the movie studio has allowed Stockwell to take his time with this aquatic thriller, full of drug pirates and booty, so that Walker and Alba seem less like hot props and more like people. With Scott Caan and Tyson Beckford. (PG-13; runs through Dec. 17)

    Wesley Morris


    (Showtime on Comcast) People pick on Eric Binford because he’s a nerd. He doesn’t get any respect. But he knows more about movies than anyone else. When he goes on a murderous rampage, disguised as his favorite film stars, the movie is excellent. Unfortunately, except for a fine performance by Dennis Christopher and the well-designed murder sequences, the film dissolves into murky melodrama. (R; runs through Jan 22)


    (Comcast Free Movies) Half of this film is a rip-off of “Romancing the Stone,” the other half is failed film noir. John Landis’s non-direction leaves Jeff Goldblum stranded as an aerospace drudge drooping around LA who keeps on drooping even after he meets Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s full of slinky allure and nothing but trouble, but she never snaps Goldblum out of his slump. (R; runs through Jan. 24)