TV chat: Where are ‘Lost’ stars now?

“Person of Interest” stars Jim Caviezel (left) and Michael Emerson.
Giovanni Rufino/Warner Brothers
“Person of Interest” stars Jim Caviezel (left) and Michael Emerson.

Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers last Thursday on Here are excerpts.

Q. Of all the “Lost” stars, I expected Josh Holloway to have the best chance for continued TV success. But aside from a great guest spot on “Community,” he has disappeared.

A. Good point. He was in the recent “Mission: Impossible” movie, and he has a few more movies on the way. Maybe he wants to get away from TV? Many of the other “Lost” stars who jumped back into TV haven’t fared that well, except Michael Emerson, whose “Person of Interest” is a hit.

Q. What? Other “Lost” stars haven’t done well? Daniel Dae Kim is on “Hawaii Five-0.”


A. True, also Ian Somerhalder is on “Vampire Diaries.” I was thinking of Jorge Garcia, whose “Alcatraz” went down. Also, Terry O’Quinn’s “666 Park Avenue” won’t last long. The ratings are lousy. Elizabeth Mitchell didn’t score with “V,” and I’m not sure if “Revolution” will survive. And Henry Ian Cusick is gone from “Scandal.”

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Q. I’m kind of depressed, I was just reading that “Happy Endings” has had pretty poor ratings so far this year. On top of that I have found it rather disappointing so far this season.

A. I hear you. The ratings haven’t been good. And yes, this season has been wanting. To some extent, the cast is so able I’d watch them clown around even without a script. But still, it’s a sitcom and the writing needs to be better.

Q. I’m loving “Last Resort.” Andre Braugher is fantastic, as always, and Scott Speedman is a pleasant surprise. And of course Robert Patrick is always great in anything. I live in fear that it will get canceled — am I being paranoid?

A. No, I’m afraid you are being realistic. The ratings have not been good, and they keep sliding down every week. And shows with complex serial narratives don’t tend to bring in newcomers. I don’t think ABC is going to be very patient with it.


Q. What do I need to watch that I’m not watching now?

A. Hmm. Hard to say since . . . I don’t know what you watch! A lot of people aren’t doing “Nashville,” which is a shame. I love the show, and think it’s got a lot of potential. It also has Connie Britton.

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