On Demand movie highlights


(Cinemax on Comcast) A Mossad team captures a Nazi in 1966 East Berlin and struggles with the aftermath in 1997 Tel Aviv. A remake of a 2007 Israeli film, it’s a potboiler but a gripping one, and it leaves you chewing on both nuances and implausibilities. With Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington, and Jessica Chastain. In German, Ukrainian, and English, with subtitles. (R; runs through Dec. 13)

Ty Burr


(Encore on Comcast) Here’s a movie that knows when we’re ready for the check. It’s a mean, vulgar little caper comedy and just as you start looking around for a waiter, there go the credits. But director Ruben Fleischer makes swift work of Michael Diliberti’s script, in which a deadbeat Grand Rapids, Mich., nincompoop (Danny McBride) forces a deadbeat pizza delivery guy (Jesse Eisenberg) to rob a bank by outfitting him with a bomb. (R; runs through Feb. 27)

Wesley Morris


(Starz on Comcast) Michael Sheen plays the late English soccer coach Brian Clough, who in 1974 is recruited from the bottom of the professional soccer ladder to coach Leeds United, the country’s premier team. There’s a jesting charge to this performance that Sheen’s others, such as Tony Blair and David Frost, haven’t had. Fun. (R; runs through June 1)

Wesley Morris