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    On Demand movie highlights


    (Cinemax on Comcast) Brad Pitt is compelling as a white trash serial killer, and Juliette Lewis is astonishing as his infantilized girlfriend, but this film about their terrorizing of a yuppie couple on a cross-country drive declines pretty swiftly from the surrealism of darkly stylish urban Gothic music-video visuals to standard road movie rough stuff. (R; runs through Dec. 13)


    (Comcast Free Movies) This classic heist caper and sexual chess game has been moved from Boston to Manhattan, with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the roles originated by Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. This time, the bored, emotionally unreachable zillionaire robs a museum, not a bank. This remake has more clever plot twists than the original, but it also spends more time trying to be touchy-feely instead of just relaxing into its trashiness. Besides, Brosnan lacks the nervous physicality McQueen projected with such jumpy ease. (R; runs through Jan 24)


    (Encore on Comcast) Jason Scott Lee has the panache and intensity to carry off this biopic about chopsocky legend Bruce Lee (no relation). Despite its own adherence to movie convention, the film kinetically and convincingly embodies Bruce Lee’s refusal to be confined by expectations about Asians or action movies. (PG-13; runs through Jan. 31)