On Demand movie highlights


(Showtime on Comcast) The idea of Julia Stiles as a girl who falls in love with Danish royalty (Luke Mably) sounded improbable. At her age here, Stiles seems too focused to get carried away by such a shopworn premise. But the tag line boasts that “this fairy tale is about to get real,” and, without completely rebooting the genre, it does warmly and smartly revise the limits of the fantasy. (PG; runs through Jan. 15)

Wesley Morris


(Comcast Free Movies) Paul Dano (‘‘Little Miss Sunshine’’) as a young mattress salesman in love with free spirit Zooey Deschanel. Writer-director Matt Aselton puts the pieces of the coming-of-age genre together in ways that don’t quite line up, and that works both for the movie and against it. (98 min., R)

Ty Burr


(Comcast Free Movies) Any part of the teen angst championship Thora Birch may have left unclaimed after “American Beauty,” she nails down brilliantly in this chronicle about a high school graduate who thinks she might have found someone as admirably alienated as she is in Steve Buscemi’s cranky old record collector. Director Terry Zwigoff displays the connection to outsiders he last unfurled in “Crumb.” (R; runs through Dec. 31)