On Demand movie highlights


(Comcast Free Movies) A derivative film, but a nice try from De Niro wannabe Vincent Gallo, the co-writer, director, and star. He plays a loser just released from prison who kidnaps a young woman to accompany him home to an uncaring mom and a raging dad. Christina Ricci, who alternates between being too much for him to handle and an uncritical projection of the compliant woman of his dreams, is a big plus. (R; runs through Feb. 1)


(Comcast Free Movies) A psychiatric hospital in the country, a doctor’s frustrated wife (Natasha Richardson), a smoldering inmate (Marton Csokas) — you can do the math. David Mackenzie’s adaptation of Patrick McGrath’s 1997 novel is sleek, old-fashioned melodrama, with the gorgeous Richardson running the gamut from Joan Crawford to Joan Fontaine, but it gets rather silly over the long haul. Costarring Ian McKellen in the Claude Rains part. (R; runs through Jan. 31)

Ty Burr


(Comcast Free Movies) Don Roos’s blackish comedy shuffles between three tales of love, parenting, secrets, lies, and manipulation in Los Angeles. The best features Maggie Gyllenhaal as a stylish grifter having a fling with Tom Arnold (he’s very good). But as sharply as the characters are drawn, the movie feels both unfinished and self-satisfied. Lisa Kudrow, Laura Dern, and Steve Coogan costar. (R; runs through Feb. 6)

Wesley Morris