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    On Demand movie highlights


    (Showtime on Comcast) Two former college pals, one settled and the other a free spirit, dare each other to have sex on film. The movie’s mostly talk, mostly about a young man’s fear of looking unhip. There are caustic laughs but the limitations of director Lynn Shelton’s low-fi style keep the movie from mattering much. (R; runs through April 3)

    Ty Burr


    (Showtime on Comcast) The bad guys are holed up in a warehouse after the big job, hoping they won’t all go down and trying to root out the turncoat in their midst. Meaning this is an actor’s playground (for Lawrence Tierney, Christopher Penn, Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, and Tim Roth), with lots of chances to fly operatically off the handle. But even if artifice is as big a component as adrenaline, director Quentin Tarantino brings off this exercise in lively fashion. (R; runs through Feb. 19)


    (Showtime on Comcast) A visually handsome but overlong and imaginatively enfeebled remake of “Death Takes a Holiday.” As Death, coming to earth to cart Anthony Hopkins’s media baron to the afterlife but falling for his daughter and deciding to stick around, Brad Pitt doesn’t play the role; he vacates it, emptying the screen, turning it into a display case for his golden gorgeousness. The love story here is between father and daughter, played by Hopkins’s characterful magnate and Claire Forlani’s spirited and refreshingly vulnerable surgeon. (PG-13; runs through March 5)