On Demand movie highlights


(Comcast Free Movies) It’s “Star Wars” downscaled to the size of the old Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon serials that inspired George Lucas, flavored with the kind of Borscht Belt comedy Mel Brooks used to write for TV’s “Your Show of Shows” back in the ’50s. Rick Moranis is Dark Helmet, Bill Pullman is the space bum in a flying Winnebago, Daphne Zuniga is the Druish princess, Brooks is the wizened sage known as Yogurt, and the heavy, Pizza the Hutt, is a malignant mound of mozzarella dripping pepperoni. (PG; runs through March 29)


(Comcast Free Movies) Casper the friendly ghost is almost overwhelmed by too much going on around him, especially an attempt to flip the story into “Addams Family” territory. None of the plot strands play out richly, but Christina Ricci is a plus as the girl Casper gets a crush on, and the Gothic mansion he haunts is fun to look at in this user-friendly factory product.
(PG; runs through April 19)


(Comcast Free Movies) William Friedkin’s film sizzles with the sleaze of the California underworld. It’s very violent and nasty, but as a portrait of crime and chaos, it’s a work of art. (R; runs through June 7)