On Demand movie highlights


(Comcast Free Movies) Although it’s equally as silly as the original, this continuation of the saga of a St. Bernard and the suburban family who love him is somehow more fun. Never mind the plot; enjoy the puppies and the Cruella de Vil character played to malevolent perfection by Debi Mazar. (PG; runs through April 12)


(Comcast Free Movies) A prefab comedy about three couples — 20, 30-, and 40-somethings — who tackle problems with convenient solutions, while deepening a tri-generational friendship we never believe would exist if the plot didn’t require it to. (R; runs through April 19)


(Comcast Free Movies) This eager-to-please comedy about two going-nowhere musicians drafted into safecracking duty by the Jewish mafia of Providence plays like Coen brothers lite. It’s too mild to be as eccentric as it wants, although Christina Kirk, as a kingpin’s daughter with a mind of her own, makes a delightfully scatty debut. (R; runs through April 19)