On Demand movie highlights


(Comcast Free Movies) One of Michael Moore’s best movies to date, and not just because he turns the dial down on his own faux-folksy schtick. Resolved: The American health care system is a disaster, built to punish the sick and enrich corporations. Whatever you call Moore’s films — agitpop, advocacy entertainment, Commie propaganda, the Truth — this one shows a master gadfly at the hilarious and sobering top of his game. (PG-13; runs through Feb. 20)

Ty Burr


(Comcast Movie Collections) In this animated creature feature, Adam Sandler voices Dracula as a fretful father sheltering his daughter (Selena Gomez) from humans. He builds his monster resort as an elaborate means to that end, but complications ensue when they’re visited by a backpacker (Andy Samberg). Some might say there isn’t enough that’s fresh, even if every generation of trick-or-treaters deserves its monster mash. Still, there’s likable energy throughout, and smart touches add up. (PG; runs through April 30)

Tom Russo


(Comcast Movie Collections) It takes almost no effort or ingenuity to keep this franchise going. Same conceit, new home. These are the movies of our times: housing angst, recording devices everywhere, quiet suburban disorder. This time a little weirdo spends time with the family across the street and digital cameras record what happens. The air is suspenseful calm. The ending is virtually plagiarized. (R; runs through July 12)

Wesley Morris