On Demand movie highlights

13 GOING ON 30 ½

(Comcast Free Movies) The conceit of the contagiously dopey Jennifer Garner vehicle is that a girl shouldn’t mind losing 17 years if there’s a possibility she can make her dreams come true. Garner plays a 13-year-old who wakes as a grown woman. It coasts on cuteness — but ask one disbelieving question and you’ll ask 100. (PG-13; runs through April 26)

Wesley Morris


(Comcast Free Movies) A Coen brothers movie about a childless couple that kidnaps a baby, with hectic consequences. The camerawork calls too much attention to its cleverness, but the film is bolstered by Nicolas Cage’s and Holly Hunter’s expert performances. (PG-13; runs through March 4)


(Cinemax on Comcast) A visually stylish and heartfelt thriller about two gay boys on the run from an assassin and the police. It is reminiscent of half a dozen films, yet singularly engaging from a visual perspective, and full of spirit to boot. Emile Charles delivers an impressive debut performance as the gentlest of a campy group of boys, and Robert Stephens is fun to watch as a ruined opera singer. (Unrated; runs through March 7)