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    (Comcast Free Movies) What’s best about this meandering, episodic sequel to the 2000 original is the social commentary. There’s a new one at least every 20 seconds, until, of course, there isn’t. The movie’s jokeless interludes stretch a crowd-pleasing comedy into sloppy and ponderous tedium. Queen Latifah joins a cast, led by Ice Cube, that’s still appealing, but the movie is too overstaffed to do anything creative. (PG-13; runs through Aug. 15)

    Wesley Morris

    COLORS ½ (Comcast Free Movies) A film about LA gang warfare, with Dennis Hopper directing. It isn’t a good movie as far as setting goes, and both character and story are rather weak, yet it seems somehow urgent. There is a harsh, vivid documentary texture to the way Hopper charts the lethal anarchy in the streets. Sean Penn and Robert Duvall play the cops who bump heads with the gangs. (R; runs through May 13)


    (Comcast Free Movies) Richard Linklater’s endearing look at a bunch of Texas high schoolers on the last night of senior year in 1976 is sweet, sad, and spacey. The kids spend a lot of time cruising around, toking and joking as though waiting for somebody to show up with cue cards telling them what to do next. Jason London’s star jock and Wiley Wiggins’s entering freshman head a cast of kids who get to you as they try to figure out how to be cool while surrounded by a nothingness that includes their own view of their future. (R; runs through June 5)