TV chat: Thrown by plot in ‘Game of ‘Thrones’

Mark Addy stars as King Robert Baratheon in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”
Helen Sloan/HBO
Mark Addy stars as King Robert Baratheon in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers Thursday on Here are excerpts.

Q. Am I the only person thoroughly confused by “Game of Thrones”? I watch but have zero clue about what is going on.

A. You are not alone. It’s a complicated show, even if you’ve watched from the start. A lot of plot lines and characters. The better episodes focus in more on certain characters, rather than jumping around to check in on them all. I always like the Khaleesi moments. She is my favorite. I am a little obsessed with her.

Q. Is Jon Cryer in financial difficulty, or does he just completely devoid of self-respect? I used to like the guy, but it’s painful to watch him now.


A. He’s awful on “Two and a Half Men.” But he won two Emmys. And he’s making bucketloads of money. So yeah, Jon Cryer is feeling pretty good right now, I imagine.

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Q. Seems that the actors on “Shameless” should be recognized for an Emmy or a Golden Globe. Has anyone even been nominated so far in 3 seasons?

A. It is crazy that the Emmys have ignored William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, as well as some of those kids. I believe only Joan Cusack has been nominated, and that was in the guest actress category.

Q. I enjoyed “Orphan Black” last week on BBC America. I think you gave it a positive review.

A. I did. I really like the show, and I’m not a big sci-fi guy. I’ve seen the first four episodes, and I was hooked by the end. It contains a lot of cool acting tricks, since the lead, Tatiana Maslany, plays a zillion roles (there’s a cloning theme). In some scenes, she is one woman pretending to be another woman — and then talking to herself playing a third woman. Cray cray cray.


Q. I just finished season 1 of “Justified.” It was fine but maybe my expectations were too high. Does it get better in the following seasons?

A. “Justified” gets really good in season 2. Worth watching, for sure. It is more complex, and Margo Martindale is fantastic. “Justified,” for me, is pure pleasure, mostly because I like the Raylan character and the show’s comic overtones. But I wouldn’t put it in the same category as, say, “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad.”

Q. I heard that USA might be interested in “Happy Endings” if ABC lets it go. I like the idea. Thoughts?

A. The switch to TBS has not been great for “Cougar Town.” It’s largely forgotten. I fear that the same will happen to “Happy Endings” if it goes to USA. Sure, I want the show to stick around, but it’s had a decent run. Three seasons, right? That’s not a bad length.

Q. I’m still a huge fan of “Modern Family” but wonder if they should consider ending next year and go out on top.


A. That’s always a great idea. Love it that “Breaking Bad” and, supposedly, “Mad Men” are calling their own endings, instead of petering out over many more years because their networks want to keep them around (like “The X-Files”). “Modern Family” would be so much more enjoyable in a cable milieu, where they would only do 12 or so episodes per season. Twenty-two episodes a year is too much for most comedies. After the first season or two, you can always detect filler. Not many series premises can withstand 22 episodes a year for years and years. Procedurals, I guess.

Q. I’ve read good reviews about “Hannibal,” but yours wasn’t.

A. I was surprised other critics liked it. Producer Bryan Fuller is popular, a fave because of “Pushing Daisies” and “Wonderfalls.” But still, the show is pretty empty and cliched. And Hugh Dancy is all wrong.

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