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    (Comcast Free Movies) You do not want to end up in a morgue — especially after seeing this horror flick, in which a pack of arrogant D.C. teaching-hospital residents engage in a grisly game of competitive forensics. Bored with the humdrum corpses on hand, the young whizzes start creating their own, employing ever more ingenious methodology. (R; runs through May 20)

    Sandy MacDonald


    (Comcast Free Movies) Director Michael Cimino’s remake of the 1955 Humphrey Bogart family-held-hostage thriller is atmospheric, but doggedly ordinary. Without a hint of psychological complexity, the movie sinks amid predictable plot turns. Mickey Rourke is particularly tired as a whispery, unshaven escaped convict, and Lindsay Crouse is oddly miscast as the tough FBI agent with a Southern drawl. (R; runs through May 20)

    COOKIE’S FORTUNE (Comcast Free Movies) Robert Altman, in a light, warm, audience-pleasing effort, fills the screen with Southern eccentrics in an archetypal Mississippi Delta town. The film is anchored by the low-key decency of Charles S. Dutton as a man wrongfully accused of murder, and a witch of a woman, played by Glenn Close, who is busily staging a production of “Salome,” and behaving as if she wants everyone’s head on a platter, not just John the Baptist’s. (PG-13; runs through June 30)