On Demand movie highlights


(HBO on Comcast) Sanaa Lathan and a cast of lunchmeat square off with famous extraterrestrials of filmland in a pyramid under Antarctica. A movie based on a video game based on two entirely separate sci-fi horror series — so whatever was interesting in the originals has long been bred out, like double-jointedness. And yet if you go with your expectations in the sub-basement, you may have a good cheesy time. (PG-13; runs through May 13)

Ty Burr


(HBO on Comcast) Family-movie slop with Jim Carrey as a real estate developer and divorced dad who inherits some penguins that he keeps because he wants his kids to like him. Carrey’s drifted into the corporate-dad mode that requires a star to mug or mope or go manic to play a guy who risks his job in order to make amends with his kids then risks the kids to make amends with the job. (PG; runs through May 13)

Wesley Morris


(HBO on Comcast) A spectacular argument against public transportation. There’s a bus rigged to explode if it slows to less than 50 mph, and you could say the same thing of the movie, the story line of which is propelled by action rather than character. Good guy Keanu Reeves tries to foil bad guy Dennis Hopper, but the real stars are the explosives experts who provide the big bangs. (R; runs through May 13)