On Demand movie highlights


(Encore on Comcast) Undercover cop Arnold Schwarzenegger, posing as a kindergarten teacher, is funny when he’s mowing down bad guys, and scary as a teacher in a film that is perhaps tougher on kids than on killers. (PG-13; runs through July 4)


(Encore on Comcast) This starry workout for Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts, as discarded mom and stepmom to be, is fun when it sticks with the comedy of antagonism. There is much string-pulling throughout the film, but it doesn’t become a liability until a dark plot strand is introduced that asks us to let the women come full circle and start bonding. Then it becomes too pat and predictable to not abrade. (PG-13; runs through July 14)


(Encore on Comcast) Generous with emotions as well as visuals, this big, bold, slightly old-fashioned film is about a healing march back from family dysfunction. Nick Nolte gives a sterling performance as a South Carolina high school teacher who is emotionally blocked until he meets a therapist, becomingly played by Barbara Streisand, who also directs with great poise. (R; runs through Sept. 19)