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    (Showtime on Comcast) Errol Morris brings us the tale of Joyce McKinney, a Southern belle who in 1977 kidnapped her ex-fiance from a British Mormon church and kicked off a tabloid newspaper war. A guaranteed good time at the movies, it’s among the lightest of Morris’s films — a party joke from a gifted raconteur — but McKinney herself is a marvel of chatty self-delusion. (R; runs through May 21)

    Ty Burr


    (Showtime on Comcast) An art-world documentary that’s one of the best, most karmically satisfying comedies of the year. Banksy, the anonymous British street artist (or soulless graffiti punk, as you will), tells the tale of one Thierry Guetta, an inept filmmaker turned art-world sensation, and the joke is on all of us, Banksy included. With Shepard Fairey, who looks appropriately mortified. (R; runs through May 21)

    Ty Burr

    CASPER ½

    (Encore on Comcast) Sweet little Casper the friendly ghost is almost overwhelmed by too much going on around him, especially an attempt to flip the story into “Addams Family” territory. None of the plot strands play out richly, but Christina Ricci is a plus as the girl Casper gets a crush on, and the gothic mansion he haunts is fun to look at in this user-friendly factory product. (PG; runs through June 27)