On Demand movie highlights


(Showtime on Comcast) A girls-in-peril suspense thriller that takes place mostly on an airport shuttle van? Sounds dreadful but it is actually surprisingly effective in a low-budget, bare-bones way. Writer-director Edward Anderson understands that slow dread generally beats fast gore, so when the twists come — which they do — you’re hooked. Starring Peyton List, Cameron Goodman, and Tony Curran. (R; runs through July 16)

Ty Burr


(Comcast Free Movies) Rene Russo is a female Doctor Doolittle who tries to raise a gorilla as she would a child, with all-too-obvious results. It’s pleasant enough in spots, but it’s neither slapstick enough for kids nor interesting enough for adults. Based on the true story of 1920s New York socialite Gertrude Lintz. (PG; runs through July 11)


(Comcast Free Movies) Bland but attractive and easy to take. This reprise of the TV show about the world’s favorite dolphin retains a ’60s feel, but Elijah Wood is a plus as the surly kid who benefits from befriending a dolphin. Paul Hogan is engaging as his beach-bum uncle — and the underwater photography is terrific. (PG; runs through July 18)