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    Will new ‘Arrested Development’ be an exception?

    From left: Actors Tony Hale, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Cera, and Alia Shawkat at a screening of “Arrested Development’’ Season 4 on Thursday in London.
    Joel Ryan/Invision/AP
    From left: Actors Tony Hale, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Cera, and Alia Shawkat at a screening of “Arrested Development’’ Season 4 on Thursday in London.

    Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers Thursday on Here are excerpts.

    Q. I’m beyond excited for the new installment of “Arrested Development.” That is one show where I think the resurrection from the dead will be well done and worth it.

    A. I’m trying to be Mr. Positive about this. I hate revisiting old shows — it’s tacky and desperate, in most cases. But maybe this one will be different. Let’s see. Netflix is not letting critics watch any episodes in advance. Usually, that means a show is awful. But maybe Netflix is just trying to establish itself as critic-proof. Or they want the reviews to come out after the episode dump, on May 26, to keep the show in the news as long as possible.

    Q. When is “Homeland” starting up again?


    A. On Sept. 29. And I am ready, but anxious, too. The love affair between Carrie and Brody kind of gives me the creeps. Seems so wrong and counter to who they are. Especially her.

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    Q. Exactly. Unless she is playing him all along. Which I don’t think she is.

    A. And if she is, it will seem like one of those “24” twists. And what, then she’ll really fall in love with him and that will be a fake-out too?

    Q. When is that Liberace movie?

    A. “Behind the Candelabra” premieres on HBO on May 26, with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.


    Q. So the merger on “Mad Men” is the easiest way to get Peggy back in the action, eh?

    A. I cringed during the last episode. That merger should have taken more time to come about. Would Don really have shared his pitch in a bar? Wouldn’t he need to do more work making this merger palatable? The whole thing was forced.

    Q. Wouldn’t all the partners have to agree about a merger?

    A. Maybe this week will be a flashback to some behind-the-scenes emergency negotiations. But I doubt it. I can’t get my head around the fact that Matthew Weiner thought it was OK to do that so fast. “The Good Wife” writers spent weeks and weeks setting up the split that Alicia signed onto in the finale. “Mad Men” is generally such a gradual show, milking each line and interaction. Then suddenly this? Nah. Out of character for the entire series.

    Q. Do you think that “Veep” has staying power? Not sure how those characters can evolve.


    A. I’ve loved the past few episodes — really, a few laugh-out-loud moments. But yeah, the characters don’t seem to have any potential for development.

    Q. Any thoughts about “Chicago Fire”? It’s gotten such little attention that most websites don’t even recap their episodes.

    A. “Chicago Fire” is so nothing special, and yet I watch every single episode. It’s comfort food. Love Taylor Kinney’s character, and his relationship with his lesbian roommate. Very sweet and different for a boilerplate Dick Wolf show.

    Q. Do you know if “Bates Motel” is going to have another season? Did a binge-watch this week and it seems like a good one-season-only show.

    A. Agreed, it would be a great miniseries, especially since we know where it’s all heading ultimately. But it has already been renewed for season 2.

    Q. Thoughts on “Game of Thrones”?

    A. Mostly good thoughts. But I do feel that the show is too crowded, sometimes. I wonder if a few of the characters from the book should have been — blasphemy alert — cut out for the TV series. Books and TV series have different narrative requirements.

    Q. When is “Breaking Bad” returning? The best show in the history of television.

    A. Aug. 11. Get a tattoo.

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