TV chat: Looking toward the demise of ‘Dexter’

Michael C. Hall (pictured last season with Lauren Velez) will portray the title character in “Dexter” for one more season, beginning June 30.
Randy Tepper/Showtime via AP
Michael C. Hall (pictured last season with Lauren Velez) will portray the title character in “Dexter” for one more season, beginning June 30.

Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers Friday on Here are excerpts.

Q. “Dextah” stahts in June.

A. Yeah, “Dexter” is back on June 30. It will be the last season, which is a mercy, as far as I’m concerned. That show should have been over after season 5. Too bad. It could have been a classic. Now, to me, it’s more of an also-ran.

Q. I disagree on “Dexter.” I thought the last season picked up after the woeful season 6. Loved the Russian gangster and Dexter’s lover who shared similar taste for killing.


A. Maybe. But Dexter as a character is too inconsistent and sloppy now. It doesn’t work for me.

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Q. Regardless on “Dexter,” I’m sticking it out to the bitter end. Got too much time invested

A. I hear you. Me too. I want to see how they land the thing.

Q. I just finished watching “The Americans.” Call me crazy but as a political thriller I thought it was more entertaining than “Homeland.”

A. I don’t think you are crazy. The first season of Homeland” was A+ and I would argue better than “The Americans.” But season 1 of “The Americans” was better than season 2 of “Homeland,” when all the ambiguity that was so carefully cultivated in season 1 was gone.


Q. With “The Americans” off for the summer, anything you recommend watching for the next few months?

A. There’s a new Showtime series, “Ray Donovan,” due June 30. Could be good — haven’t seen it yet. Stars Liev Schreiber as a “fixer.” “Magic City” is returning for season 2 on Starz on June 14. I really enjoyed season 1, which is short and out on DVD. It’s a lush, 1960s-set soap opera that takes place in a Miami hotel. It’s not close to the level of, say, “Mad Men,” but it’s sexy and diverting. Also coming: “Under the Dome,” a Stephen King miniseries due June 24. The previews are great. Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” will be back on July 14 — always an interesting show, if not entirely successful. Great ideas, lousy characters. And what else?
Hmmmm. Oh yeah, “Breaking Bad” on Aug. 11.

Q. “The Office” finale — rate it.

A. To me, it was just OK. Every character seemed to end up somewhat contented, which was a little boring, but still, fine. Like the show for the past few seasons, the finale had no edge. I’m glad there were no mega twists — you know, it was all a dream in the mind of Dwight’s pig or something.

Q. Are we ever going to see a foreign-produced fictional show on prime time? It amazes me how much other countries watch American TV, including dubbed or subtitled, but then we don’t see anyone else’s shows.


A. We see remakes of foreign shows, like “Homeland” and “In Treatment” and “The Office.” BBC America, of course, gives us a lot of British series. And some of them are awesome — “Luther,” for example, which, by the way, is returning for season 3 in September. Also, PBS brings a lot of British series to us. But subtitles?! Not gonna happen. And, sadly, as a culture we tend to prefer to think about ourselves. Most Americans are somewhat disconnected from world affairs, unless, of course, America is somehow involved.

Q. Did you enjoy “Boston’s Finest”? I’m drawn to Donnie Wahlberg.

A. I did like the show — or at least I admired it. It lacked some storytelling intensity, but it was done with dignity and intelligence. And Donnie’s narration was excellent. I agree about him. He’s a good actor, I think, if not a versatile one. He does what he does well. I’d love to see a director push him outside of his safety zone. Could be revelatory.

Matthew Gilbert can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Matthew