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    HOT SPOT ½

    (Comcast Free Movies) Dennis Hopper, as director, serves up a lush, lurid neo-noir baked deep in the heart of Texas. Aiming for something between “Double Indemnity” and “Blood Simple,” he winds up with a cross between “Body Heat” and “Blood Simple.” It’s too long, too overdone, too hipped on atmosphere, but Hopper’s exuberance keeps it from being boring. (R; runs through Aug. 8)


    (Comcast Free Movies) This modest hitfest transplants the Hong Kong action style to Hollywood better than many of its more highly touted predecessors. Velocity and amusingly outrageous over-the-topness are the real stars in this caper. The high-impact, low-self-esteem killer is expertly and energetically embodied by Mark Wahlberg; his treacherous gang colleague is played with funny overkill by Lou Diamond Phillips. (R; runs through
    Aug. 15)


    (Encore on Comcast) Stunning visual borrowings, but banal thematic ones as befuddled Everyman Rufus Sewell tries to figure out what’s what in this cross between noir and sci-fi. The lush, sensual, nocturnal cityscapes, and the cadaverous aliens malignantly floating through them, at least borrow from the best in this cross between Kafka and Cornell Woolrich by Alex Proyas, showing some of the same gothic exuberance he used in “The Crow.” (R; runs through Aug. 22)