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    THE VOW ½

    (Encore on Comcast) Young marrieds Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams hit a rough patch when she wakes from a coma with amnesia. It’s the rare chick flick that’s about brain trauma in addition to causing it, and it’s quite watchable date-night cheese — the kind of movie you can simultaneously snort at and enjoy. With Sam Neill and Jessica Lange. (PG-13; runs through Aug. 7)

    Ty Burr


    (Starz on Comcast) The blandly generic but not altogether disagreeable debut film of two members of the pop band ’N Sync. It rides the Everyguy charm of Lance Bass, as a Chicago ad agency drone who meets Miss Right on the el, chokes up when it comes time to ask for her name and number, then knocks himself out to find her. The freshness of Emmanuelle Chriqui persuades us that she’s worth finding, but this one is for fans of the band rather than fans of great romantic comedy. (PG; runs through July 31)


    (Comcast Free Movies) The mutiny, you know. Not the most fiery retelling, but made with intelligence and care. Mel Gibson’s Fletcher Christian is recessive, but this is Captain Bligh’s movie, very much a part of the buttoned-up, battened-down ’80s. Anthony Hopkins’s revisionist Bligh is sympathetic, if nowhere near as entertainingly overwrought as Charles Laughton’s hissing, snarling original. (PG; runs through Aug. 8)