On Demand movie highlights


(Comcast Free Movies) A broad, very funny, unexpectedly graceful comedy of character and community that casts Ice Cube as the harried owner of a Chicago clip joint and surrounds him with a sweetly colorful rogue’s gallery of employees (notably Cedric the Entertainer). Think a post-hip-hop “Car Wash” with extra social smarts. (PG-13; runs through July 29).


The Caveman’s Valentine

(Comcast Free Movies) Samuel L. Jackson brings an interesting dimension to the role of a homeless man hunting down a murderer. But the plot turns are too unlikely and the crime-busting plot is too pat: He’s handed everything he needs on a platter, by people you can’t believe would ever have anything to do with him. (R; runs through Sept. 26).

A River Runs Through It½

(Comcast Free Movies) Robert Redford’s third directorial effort lovingly embraces a Montana family whose men rely on ritual trout fishing to cleanse them as they angle for grace and bonding. Although you sometimes wish Redford had spun his chronicle with a looser rein, and in less conventional fashion, its compassion and its ear cocked to the poetry of isolation render it enormously appealing (PG; runs through July 16).