On Demand movie highlights

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

(Comcast Movie Collections: Just In) Writer-director Tommy Wirkola tears through his seemingly redundant “grown-up” fairy tale retelling with such giddy abandon it ends up being splattery fanboy fun. Preposterous, clearly, but fun. Jeremy Renner
and Gemma Arterton are the fabled sibs turned arms-totin’,
f-bombin’ ace bounty hunters. Famke Janssen, flashing an unfamiliar edge, is the local grand witch who isn’t going to make things easy for them. (R; runs through Oct. 29)

Tom Russo


(Comcast Free Movies) Dwayne Johnson plays a father who cooks up a plan to reduce his son’s imminent drug sentence by helping the feds make mitigating arrests. Nobody is going to confuse this with “Les Misérables,” but “Snitch” gets a decent amount of drama (and action, of course) out of the argument that there’s paying for a crime, and then there’s overpaying. With Susan Sarandon as the prosecutor on the case. (PG-13; runs through Nov. 30)

Tom Russo

The River Wild

(Comcast Free Movies) After watching Meryl Streep play Supermom you’re convinced she’d make hamburger out of Schwarzenegger and Stallone, bake four loaves of bread, and learn a few languages en route. It’s fun to watch her prevail as she is forced by escaped felons (led by Kevin Bacon) to get them through a whitewater obstacle course to freedom. (PG-13; runs through Oct. 8)