On Demand movie highlights

Roger Dodger ½

(Showtime on Comcast) A Neil LaBute movie turned inside out, Dylan Kidd’s writing/directing debut follows an angry, blisteringly verbose ad exec (Campbell Scott) on a long night of the deadened soul. A comedy and very nearly a great one, “Roger” finally gives its star a role that approaches the heft and intensity of his father, George C. Scott. All this, plus Elizabeth Berkley and Jennifer Beals, too. (R; runs through July 23)

Ty Burr


(Showtime on Comcast) Two men wind up in a bathroom with one assignment from an anonymous sicko: kill each other. While it often resembles the ghastliest edition yet of “Fear Factor” or “Survivor” and features some of the grodiest direction this side of “Project Greenlight,” this nightmare manages occasionally to knot up your tummy. With Cary Elwes as a potential victim and a never nuttier Danny Glover as a detective. (R; runs through July 23)

Wesley Morris

Dr. Dolittle

(HBO on Comcast) Eddie Murphy talks to the animals, and they talk back to him, “Babe”-style, which is reasonably engaging. But this bland remake, set in contemporary San Francisco, suffers from a weak script and is smothered under a pall of uplift and heavy-handed self-empowerment messages. (PG-13; runs through July 22)