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Big Brother 8 p.m. CBS

If you think "Big Brother" has grown repetitive after 15 straight seasons, you're right. But just for kicks, get thyself to YouTube and watch the first season of this pillar of reality TV. You'll see that quite a bit has changed. The formless voyeuristic blob that was the first season had no power structure to keep the guests fighting and fibbing, very little dramatic editing to construct characters, and lots of chickens — raised by the houseguests for "protein." It's also kind of fun to watch those first cracks wiggle their way through our contemporary facade of privacy. Back in 2013, Spencer and Howard (above, with Candice) are totally on the block and everyone's totally freaking out about the MVP twist and tonight's Veto. So yeah, same slop different day.


Top Chef Masters 10 p.m. Bravo!

This season of "Top Chef Masters" comes stuffed with another Top Chef, as each master chef's trusty sous chef is dragged into the action via an online "Battle of the Sous Chefs" competition. Their performances in these mini-challenges can win their bosses immunity, or burden them with annoying disadvantages. Which lucky sous chef will be peeling potatoes for the forseeable future? Tune in and find out.

I Want That 10 p.m. DIY

Not a documentary about Bravo.

BBQ Crawl 8 p.m. Travel

How I get home from most cookouts.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything 10 p.m., Syfy

Someone introduce this guy to Clarissa.

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