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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — A sense of pride, melancholy, and bittersweetness pervaded the final panel discussion for the cast and producers of AMC's critically lauded drama "Breaking Bad" at the recent Television Critics Association press tour. ("Breaking Bad" won the prize for program of the year at the TCA awards last week.) Creator Vince Gilligan and stars Bryan Cranston, Betsy Brandt, and Aaron Paul among others reminisced about the series and what might be coming up in the final eight episodes, which begin Sunday night. Here are a few nuggets from the panel.

"Walt has a large reservoir of good to be shared with everyone else, and he spreads his joy throughout the last eight episodes, literally. I think everybody will be satisfied with the ending, where we hug it out. All is forgiven."


— Bryan Cranston, who has won three Emmys playing chem-teacher-turned-meth-dealer Walter White, joking about how the series will end

"Bryan, don't mention the musical numbers!"

— Betsy Brandt, keeping up the joke

"He's just emptied out. He just wants out of the business. He wants to stay as far away from Walt as possible. Walt's true colors were definitely revealed to him
towards the end of last season . . . he's terrified of this man, and he just wants nothing do with him. So he wants to try and stay out of the business, if he can."
Aaron Paul on how much "bad" is left in his character Jesse Pinkman

"I really believe that everybody is capable of good or bad. We are all given this spectrum of emotions, as complex as they are, and depending on your influences and your DNA and your parenting and your education and your social environment, the best of you can come out or the worst of you can come out. I think, if given the right set of circumstances, dire situations, any one of us can become dangerous."


Cranston, on Walt's transformation