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    ‘Orange’ lead the least interesting character?

    Taylor Schilling in Netflix’s critically acclaimed show “Orange Is the New Black.”
    Jessica Miglio for Netflix
    Taylor Schilling in Netflix’s critically acclaimed show “Orange Is the New Black.”

    Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert chatted with readers Thursday on Here are excerpts.

    Q. I’m only three episodes into “Orange Is the New Black” and I have to say that the lead character, Piper [played by Taylor Schilling], is the least likable and interesting of the group. She comes off as a spoiled rich kid who frankly deserves what she’s going through.

    A. I do think that’s all intentional. Piper has an arc ahead of her. She seems so unwilling to take responsibility for what she did. The other characters, however, are great. Wait until you get further into it.

    Q. I’m getting turned off by all the “Orange” hype.


    A. I hear you. It’s a problem all over the entertainment world these days. Overhype can ruin almost anything. You get burnt out on the show or movie before it has even premiered because you’ve seen so many ads and interviews. Or you go to see it after the reviews and you’re expectations are far too high.

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    Q. Why not go the full-blown Train Wreck route on “American Idol” judges? How about David Lee Roth, Courtney Love, Pink, and Kanye West?

    A. You had me at Courtney Love.

    Q. Any bets on the “Dexter” finale? It’s getting just too weird.

    A. I’m not optimistic about the very end of the story, since the writing of the show has been so uneven for the past few seasons. I’m afraid the writers will do something so cheesily melodramatic that it will leave a bad taste. I hope I’m wrong and pleasantly surprised.


    Q. Shouldn’t Dexter wake up and kill Suzanne Pleshette in the finale?

    A. Yes! Or wake up next to Keith from “Six Feet Under.”

    Q. What will happen to Walt on “Breaking Bad”?

    A. We’ve seen him in flash-forwards, wandering alone, but who knows what that means. Will the last episode begin with those flash-forwards, then show us what the future really holds for Walt?

    Q. Dexter could kill Walt.


    A. Brilliant.

    Q. Is there any doubt that “Breaking Bad” is the best series on TV and definitely one of the best of all time?

    A. I don’t think many who’ve watched the show would disagree with you. There tends to be debate about whether it’s the best, or just in the top 5 or 10. But most viewers would put it high on their list, I bet.

    Q. Well then what would be the best?

    A. Some argue for “The Wire.” Others for “The Sopranos.” Plus, there are comedies such as “Seinfeld” and “The Simpsons” that have strong “all-time-best” supporters. I’ve heard people argue for “Mad Men” and even for “Friday Night Lights.” Me, I think I’m a “Sopranos” guy. I love that show, and I love what it did to TV.

    Q. I was disappointed in the cancellation of “Magic City.” Any chances someone else may pick it up?

    A. I was also disappointed. Such a rich soap opera. I can’t imagine anyone picking it up, though, and I’ve heard no rumors. Why would a network pick up a show that was already a flop, ratings wise, and that is already deep into its ongoing story line?

    Q. I’ve been rewatching “The West Wing” on Netflix and it makes me think that “The Newsroom” could be so much better than it is.

    A. I agree. “The West Wing” had some of the same annoying qualities — the robotic fast talk, the underdeveloped female characters, the sanctimony, the romantic awkwardness. But it was so much better. Aaron Sorkin has let some of his worst habits get out of control on “The Newsroom.” I liked Olivia Munn last season; this season, she has been thoroughly Sorkinized and she is unbearable.

    Matthew Gilbert can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Matthew