On Demand movie highlights

Layer Cake

(Starz on Comcast) Daniel Craig plays a ritzy London cocaine dealer trying to get out of the business in this propulsive, though morally suspect drug world flick that dutifully covers similar ground as Guy Ritchie’s movies: guns, chicks, expensive-looking locations, designer stuff, and so on. It’s all derivative, but Colm Meaney, George Harris, and the amazing Michael Gambon are excellent. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, one of Ritchie’s producers. (R; runs through Sept. 30)

Wesley Morris

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

(Encore on Comcast) Entertainingly propulsive crime caper set in London’s East End, where the theatrical side of criminality is savored and celebrated as four Cockney wise guys work their way up and down the criminal food chain, trying to get out from under a crushing debt incurred at a crooked card game. (R; runs through Sept. 30)

Crystal Fairy

(Comcast Movie Collections: All New Movies) An obnoxious American in Chile, along with three local friends, seeks to expand his mind with a taste of an indigenous hallucinogenic cactus. Along the way he makes the acquaintance of the title flower child, who complicates the mission. There must be something magical in that cactus juice or in Sebastián Silva’s direction, because this is Michael Cera’s best performance to date. In English and Spanish, with subtitles. (Unrated; runs through Oct. 3)