On Demand movie highlights

Venus and Serena

(Showtime on Comcast) Sports journalists Maiken Baird and Michelle Major made this documentary with the cooperation of the very private Williams sisters. It offers glimpses of their lives, including the disappointing 2011 season when Venus was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and Serena suffered a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. The result is a respectful sports profile that is largely content to stick to the surface of its subjects. (unrated; runs through Oct. 17)

Lords of Dogtown

(Starz on Comcast) A daydream of a movie that recalls how three Southern California boys helped put verve into an American backyard hobby, transforming skateboarding into something that attracts groupies. The film feels like a burnt-out Beatles romp, with the skateboard as both the boys’ yellow submarine and their Yoko. Directed with mellowness and soul by Catherine Hardwicke. With Emile Hirsch, John Robinson, Victor Rasuk, and a hilariously out-of-it Heath Ledger. (PG-13; runs through Oct. 31)

Before Sunrise

(Comcast Free Movies) Richard Linklater’s deceptively matter-of-fact camera meanders through Vienna with an American (Ethan Hawke) and a Frenchwoman (Julie Delpy) while they decide how to play their mutual attraction. (R; runs through Nov. 9)