On Demand movie highlights

Mulholland Drive

(Encore on Comcast) David Lynch’s surreal fever dream about cesspool Hollywood, devourer of dreams and beautiful women. Flawed but rich, it traces the incompatibility of love and power among a clutch of desperate careerists and the powerful men who use and manipulate them. Naomi Watts and Laura Harring give the strongest accounts of themselves as, respectively, a squeaky-clean hopeful and a battered veteran who identifies with Rita Hayworth. (R; runs through Dec. 19)

The Station Agent

(Starz on Comcast) There’s probably more than one person in Tom McCarthy’s well-performed, wonderful comedy who finds its 4-foot-6 protagonist (Peter Dinklage) weird, but there are more striking things about him than his height. For starters, he’s a train geek who moves into an abandoned New Jersey depot he’s inherited. What happens next is the blossoming of friendships with the resident outcasts, among them Patricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale. (R; runs through Dec. 30)

True Stories

(Encore on Comcast) David Byrne goes to Texas in search of oddballs he read about in supermarket tabloids. But his first feature film is even flatter than the Lone Star state. Byrne gets lost straddling a line between condescension and fascination as a sort of New Wave Mr. Rogers in a big black Stetson. The film is all art direction and cinematography, with Ed Lachman’s brilliantly lit, hard-edged artifacts adding up to a series of picture postcards from nowheresville. (PG; runs through Dec. 31)