On Demand movie highlights

Infernal Affairs

(Starz on Comcast) You owe it to yourself to catch the stylish original film that inspired “The Departed,” a 2002 Hong Kong smash about two undercover moles, one in the police department (Tony Leung), the other among the criminals (Andy Lau). Instead of a blood-spattered action film, it’s a sleek, chic Michael Mann-style thriller that broods bewitchingly about identity and loyalty. (R; runs through Nov. 30)

Ty Burr

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls ½

(Encore on Comcast) Nothing much here but Jim Carrey again, with his windmill body language and zany clowning, going to bat for animals in Africa in a script-deficient outing. But Carrey’s sweet goofiness, jet stream hair, and retro ’50s sportswear — all revved up to the max — will satisfy fans. (PG-13; runs through Nov. 29)

Seven Years in Tibet

(Encore on Comcast) This problematic film — based on the memoir of a Nazi mountaineer who met and was befriended by the Dalai Lama — wants to be a pro-Tibet epic, adding its voice to those protesting China’s brutal takeover. But it gets the balance wrong by making the climber’s unconvincing spiritual transformation the center of a film about Asians, a story in which he was only a bit player. Brad Pitt, while game, seems more a tanned, sun-bleached California surfer than Lhasa’s unfriendly neighborhood Nazi. (PG-13; runs through Dec. 5)