On Demand movie highlights


(Starz on Comcast) Director Chris Eyre’s follow-up to “Smoke Signals” finds a way to lay bare the tragedies of its setting with a good deal of warmth and humor, telling the spirited story of life, death, and two very different brothers on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation. (R; runs through May 31)

Janice Page

Griff the Invisible

(Showtime on Comcast) Ryan Kwanten (HBO’s “True Blood’’) is an introverted, browbeaten office worker who dons a Batman-like outfit to fight crime at night. He meets a fellow dreamer, Melody (Maeve Dermody) who enables his fantasy life. Is Griff mentally ill, or not? The idea that geeks are heroes for refusing to grow up is cute, but the magical realism becomes gimmicky, and the romance of this rom-com never feels real enough. (unrated; runs through Dec. 10)

The River’s Edge

(Comcast Free Movies) Director Tim Hunter’s disturbing look at the teenage subculture resonates with realistic moral ambiguity. The story of a teenage murder is tough, violent, and perplexing, but it raises serious questions instead of providing pat answers. (R; runs through Dec. 31)